"Beers Is Like My Family"

by Bottle Kids

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Recorded at Multi-Track Chicago June 2013
Engineered and Mixed by: Chris DeQuick
Mastered by: Mickey T. Craft
Artwork by: Korey Brisendine


released July 16, 2013

Bottle Kids Are:
Chris DeQuick- Guitar and Vocals
Korey Brisendine- Bass and Vocals
Braden Selsback - Drums



all rights reserved


Bottle Kids Chicago, Illinois

Midwest Punk-We are driven by our influence of being under the influence. Crappy jobs, no money and singing out of key.

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Track Name: It Was The Sound Of A Tool chest Falling Down The Stairs
Fuck you for being so god damn cool
Fuck you you’re good at what you do
Pretend your art has significance
To anyone but you
I’ll keep digging on this trench
Widen the breadth, increase the depth
Another shovel load
Nerves torn to bits

I’m face first at my desk
Won’t you come kick my ass
Got a big fuck’n mouth
Won’t you come knock me out
Follow your dreams
What the hell does that mean?

Nothing sits right
I shake all the time
Red blue aluminum
Come be my anchor tonight
It’s gunna be alright
It might be alright
Track Name: Get Two Birds Stoned At Once
Wish my convictions weren’t
The clearest at the bottom of an empty glass
Forget the kisses I make love
To the bottle when I’m done
Bury my despair again

Again I fall back in
I can’t seem to keep out of my head
I’m falling asleep
I can’t compete
My only victory was in self-defeat

I can admit to you that
I’m having a shit day too
Sick of living through this tired old lense
Please be patient with me
I learn the hard way
Can’t really ride the bike until you learn to eat shit
Track Name: Headboard Hedge Stone
Why is living such a chore
All washed up at 24
Everyone I know is fucking miserable
Staring down reflections in store front windows
Shameless bastards have life easier

Like a scene from a horror movie
Always expecting the worst
Count to 8 on my bleeding fingers
Always wind up short

I’ve shattered my own windows
With little self-loathing stones
Burned my own house down
Buried myself underground
And the most pathetic part
I gouge out my own heart
How much harder can you kick something that’s already dead

Hey ladies! If you’re looking for a good time
Best look the other way
Still gotta ditch this shitty disposition
Before it’s too late

Coffee at mid-day, keeps depression away
A battle unending, fight the appeal of climbing
Back into bed, the headboard a hedge stone
On an early grave

He’s dead he’s dead, he just don’t know it yet
That’s what the epitaph read, dead, he’s dead
And it’s got me thinkin’
Track Name: Don't Throw Bottles... Ever
Tracing the lines
Skin set back from the skyline
I was walking back home
To a dim apartment all my own
This is starting to feel old

Repeated conversations
Till pale morning blue light glow
Pursue these things unhealthy
Isn’t that just typical

But it hit me in the chest
Right when you said your favorite song was
We though nation states
On the 50 bus, anxiety tear my insides up
It was a mistake

Looking to kill the feeling
Come and hit me so I can move on
Visualize the killing blow
It haunts me everywhere I go
This is starting to get old

That record kept on spinning
Till pale morning blue light glow
Pursue these things unhealthy
Isn’t that just typical

You know that color makes me want to die
Tunnel vision
And now I know this pavement all by heart
You’ve got me riding in circles all night
Out till 4 and then I’ll fall asleep again
Track Name: Plan B Is More Exciting
Set sail across the western waters
I’m headed for the fruitful shores of the city
But you’re not with me
And I should have handled it differently
I had to go

This boy stands up
That girl is falling down
The basement was killing me
Stagnated dreams were stifling
Can you pull your life from this mess
We used to be best friends

I will remain that shitty self-proclaimed musician
Won’t ever know what I’m looking for

Maybe it’s the sound of the neighbors having sex
and I’m jealous of something that I don’t yet have
but that’s selfish, I still wish you all the best
We used to be best friends
Here’s to moving on
Here’s to the final song
Track Name: Roaches, Everywhere!
I’ve just lost my mind, I’m crazy
Fed up with life, it’s so damn draining
Every day is more frustrating
This isn’t what I hoped and dreamed of
Scattered thoughts and bruised ambitions
Never seem to pay off do they?
Blinders on I’m in the wrong lane
Watching myself crash

Awake in this bed
Light shines through like I’m dead
Stack one higher on top of this pile of ash
I didn’t work for this
Repetitive bullshit
Won’t someone tell me will this night ever end

I just feel like I’m being trapped again
The city walls are quickly closing in
I ran from home and never looked back again
Is this a new start or am I at the end

I just found my mind I’m crazy
Is this real life or am I dreaming
Every breath is slowly draining
What I was and hoped I could be
And I feel that I am nothing
Confidence is drained from something
Blinders on I’m in the wrong lane
Watching myself crash

Lying awake, guilt sets in I can’t sleep
How many more will it take?
It’s 4am, light starts to break
I’ve lost the motivation
It’s my own private treason
In 4 short hours I’ll get up and start again

Incendiary tendencies
Self-fulfilling prophesies
This song is a bummer
Now you’re all the dumber
For standing there and listening
To the sounds of instability
Wake up, shake my head in the morning