Be Cool

by Bottle Kids

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Jake Joyce
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Jake Joyce UMMMMMMMM more like what do I NOT love about this band? These boys rule. Favorite track: Worst Case Ontario.
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Korey Brisendine: Bass and Vocals
Chris DeQuick : Guitar and Vocals
Braden Selsback: Drums and Vocals


released May 10, 2015

Recorded at Multi-Track Chicago
Recorded and Mixed by: Chris DeQuick
Mastered by: Mickey T. Craft



all rights reserved


Bottle Kids Chicago, Illinois

Midwest Punk-We are driven by our influence of being under the influence. Crappy jobs, no money and singing out of key.

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Track Name: Serenity Now
I'm swimming up stream, I'm slowing drowning
I'm barely breathing again
My chest is caving, my hands are shaking
there's no way out my friends

I'm buried six feet, I'm suffocating
There's no way out my friends
These thoughts repeating, this voice keeps talking
I believe it's lies again

Truth be told, I'm not ok
It isn't death I fear but living life living this way
Track Name: Walk Away
Fight your heart, fall apart on me
Tracing scars up and down your arms
There are dents in our knuckles and laughing walls
Souvenirs from our years,
Some things linger on
Still don’t know what I’m doing here
This is poisonous to me, but I’ll force it to be
Got a handle on this situation disingenuous

I’m living for the day that I walk away
Got my resignation in the back pocket handy
Write half a song and move it on again
I know that look and you my dear
Say it all with no words I’m standing right here
One more down one more scar, break hearts and fall apart

Desperate, when you call
Track Name: Off Guard
There’s a lock
A combination on the brain
It seizes up the thinkin’, it’s the source of the pain
And I’d rather not have to look you in the eye
Some days I’d rather lie down and die
When I haven’t slept in what feels like days
And I’m falling asleep standing up on the train
These stupid words are all that I’ve got
Please don’t think less of me when I start to talk

I’d like to see you caught off guard by your own smile
Go on outside wander the streets for a while
You in this song don’t actually exist
In the inevitable break up I won’t have to feel pissed
These pints and half pints are all that I’ve got
And in a few hours we have to get up
Hands of sleep grasping us down as we walk
It’s my own fault that I like to stay up
No matter what
Track Name: Worst Case Ontario
I can ride fixed I can drive manual shift
confronted with the world and I don't want a part of it
one summer night was turned away
we lost that life nothing more to say

Texts and phone calls that I ignore
You won't be seeing me before

This past year had tried to kill me
come full circle February
In your car last January
I'm not happy with this ending

All the red flags that we ignore
You won't be seeing me no more